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hours or days or expiry time options 2021


hours or days or expiry time options

comes with different profit levels the

lower the expiry time the higher the

profits this can be set at the right

hand side of the screen

mout this is the total amount of

investment place

each trade for example if we set an

amount of $100 and we place a trade if

our predictions are correct we will make

a profit of 90 percent that's 90 dollars


now you understand all the major

features on the IQ option trading

platform we are going to use one of my

winning strategies to make our first


I've got over 100 winning IQ option

strategies and am going to share some

with you on this free channel if you

want to have access to all my strategies

and guidance then join my private

mentorship group without wasting much

time let's get started with my first IQ

option winning strategy I'm going to

show you how to implement this strategy

on the web platform and also the mobile

app use the link in the description to

install the IQ option mobile app all

strategies should be tested on the demo

account first step 1

select your asset type I recommend you

use the euro used pair

step 2 change your chart to candlesticks

step 3 set your candle time period to 15


now is time we add our indicators and

oscillator step 4 add the first

of moving averages

- period - seven type ma color said to

yellow and thickness to medium

step 5 add the second indicator of

moving averages set the period to 18

type Emma color Sept red and thickness

to medium

step 6 add the third indicator of moving

averages set a period to 25 type Emma

color set red and thickness to medium

now we have added our three indicators

of moving averages

time to add our all samosa later step 7

select momentum and choose the awesome

oscillator from the options

at first period 235 and the second


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