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IQ Option trade Combination 2021 -2022

you should know that in order to work


effectively follow the instructions


as shown and before we start don't

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this post

and it also motivates us to post more

often so let's get started

first of all what we do is

to put two minute candles i will explain

why we put

in during the post then we set the

fractal indicator to period

3 to have a faster reaction in different

directions of the candles

um the next indicator is moving average


which we set the period to five

we set the moving average again this


period will be 2 as well as change the

color and

thicken the line as the crossing points


more visible

and we even set the moving average to

a hundred this time to see a clear

picture of how the trend or direction is


so continue watching the post for more


please here comes one of the good

moments when the fractal indicator gives

us a sign

that the candles are going from top to


observe the intersection of moving


indicators with each other so this is

one of the

clearest pictures that the trend will


in a downward direction for at least one


this is one moment when you can enter

the market

in this post i will explain some of the

moments when

you can perform the same actions but in

different positions

one of the main factors is not too rush

because speed is

disastrous for your capital

so as you can see the right entry and


was not delayed now find other positions

where we can trade

here is one of the good moments


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