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IQ option tarding strategy 4 2021


downtrend when it's above like right here it's a downtrend you see and

whenever is below it's an trend like right here does not make

sense that is this is a downtrend you see and here's a perfect example take a

look at this downtrend and this this was a call and it was in the money but then

he dropped back all the way down again and he was in the money for put then

take a look at this it was a call option it was out of the money then he went

down again and he was in the money for it put then again he jumped but he kept

on dropping so what happens with with this trending line is that it lets you

know whenever there is a strong downtrend or an uptrend so that you

identify what options you're gonna enter so if if it's a downtrend

you're gonna enter only four puts and if it's at an uptrend you're gonna enter

only four calls does that make sense let me look for a new example and here for example over here this is an uptrend

and take a look at this it was going to be a drop but then it changed the

direction dramatically and he started going up again this was a drop and he

still was out of the money does that make sense so make sure that you

actually follow the trend again over here take a look this was an output

option right magda cross and the moving averages crossed but it was out of the money why

because it's an uptrend when the wide line is down the blue and the yellow

moving average it's an uptrend so you enter only four calls and when the white

line is above then you enter only four puts okay that's the second confirmation

and the third and last confirmation that I'm going to give you today well not confirmation but just an additional tip

is don't enter immediately when the candle opens but wait for a slight jump

or drop because sometimes for example

look for a good example over here okay

this one take a look at this one this

one it was a put option right and it

jumped it ended up in the money well

this one is not a that good enough

example okay let's take a look at this

one this was a call option but it was

out of the money but if you notice he

dropped all the way over here and then

he went back up just a little bit so try

to enter at a better entry level okay

this happens well this is kind of hard

because these traits are for two minutes

so it's super fast but if you have the

possibility to wait for a few seconds


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