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1 Min Winning Strategy Iq Options Binary 2021


  greatings respectable heroes I hope you  are doing really well today 

      I'm going to tell you a strategy that's very simple to implement as well as very

     simple if you expect a reward from it 
and it can be utilized by you people in
OTC markets as well as well as the
one so you are pretty good to go to create that strategy and you can simply
win a lot of bucks if you utilize it  
let's move towards the implementation of
the strategy the chart type you need to
select is candles for that strategy and
the candle time period we set at two
minutes you can even watch out signals
on one minute but I suggest you to stay
consistent with two minute candle time
what does two minute candle time here it
means it means that each candle is of
two minutes this two minutes two minutes
two minutes two minutes so that's pretty
simple now you need to go into the
indicator section you need to go into
popular and right in the search bar
moving average open the moving average
you need to set a point of two in the
period section and the type be set at
e-ma you can select the color of your
choice let me select it white now the
thickness can be more made more bold if
you want and then apply so there is the
first indicator that has been applied
now you need to again go into the
indicator section go into popular right
moving average and then set the period
the tide be set at exponential moving
average it's EMA select the color of
your choice
I selected green okay then then you can
apply so there you go
whenever these two moving averages that
you see the lines white and green
whenever they let me make them more
thick so that they are more visible to
you people apply
now I guess they'll be more visible yeah
the thickness has increased so whenever
these two moving average lines intersect
each other
blow the candles the next would be a buy
signal even in the lower part of the
candles okay just like here
whenever the intersect in a by candle
below it the next would be a by trade
similarly you can see a hair whenever
they intersect above the candles or in a
cell candle at the top of the candle
whenever they're intersecting that's a
cell trait you can simply watch out that
the next candles were sell you can put
this trade on one minute time frame
maximum the purchase time should be not
more than one minute whenever you enter
a trade so that's pretty simple to
whenever the moving average white and
green lines intersect each other
below the candles or in the by candle
you are simply good to go to Kota higher
trade a buy option a call option
similarly whenever they both intersect
each other the both moving averages
white and green line intersecting each
other above the candles just like at
this point you can simply put a sell
trade good option lower option okay so
that's pretty simple let's watch out
some more pairs and then I'll switch to
a live trading in case if you have any
sort of queries anytime I'll be there to
assist you people you can reach me out
on my contact details mentioned in the
width at the end of the post in the
postdescription in the channel
description you can reach me out on my
personal contact and we can manage to
resolve your queries along with the
I can also operate your accounts of
Forex / binary in case you want them to
be a pretty to have a team for that
particular purpose so now you see the
moving averages intersected each other
below the candles in in the by candle
it's a boy trade gates are put also a
call option a higher trade similarly
when they intersected in the red candle
or anywhere near the red candle that's
assault rate because the next candle
would be sell so remember it's two two
moving averages that we implemented one
had the period two the other had the
period five and they are EMA's
exponential moving averages so that's
pretty simple I hope you understood my
point and you can you are pretty good to
do practice the strategy on one minute
timeframe I'm sorry one minute purchase
time okay don't practice it above than
that and if you lose one trade like you
do you lose a ten dollar trade you can
put a twenty dollar trade and you'll
certainly win because sometimes you
execute that wait at wrong time that is
why I suggest you to start practicing on
demo account instead of the real account
so that once you practice a lot you can
see me is simply switch to the real
account after your practice you see here
the bike they touch to below the candle
and that's a boy they touched above the
candle and that's the intersected above
the candle that's a sell so that's
pretty simple
let's switch through the live trading I
hope to see you very soon in another
posand keep a stay tuned stay in
touch we'll see each other very soon
let's switch take care have a good time
I hope you liked the video for more
informational stuff stay tuned to the
channel for that purpose you need to
subscribe it press the Bell notification
button for upcoming updates I've been
into trading Saints ears and I aim to
impart all that knowledge in new people
all those skills and experience in new
people in life you time and that is
summarized in these post tutorials I
hope you liked all these post tutorials
for more informational stuff keep on
watching them and for any sort of
suggestions you can write me in the
comment either it is a positive or
negative feedback even I appreciate
everything other than that for any
collaborative ideas are any sort of
queries that you want to get resolved
you can contact me on my personal
details mentioned in the post
description and in the channel
description I hope to stay punctual so
together we can win and we can reward
each other by working as a team yeah so
everything is free of course for you
people in this channel I hope to stay
punctual for you people and I hope that
this gets much bigger as a family in the
future take care bye bye see you soon


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