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Moving Average| No Loss | Winning Strategy


okay there can be yes there can be a

an opportunity but before that

apply one more indicator

and that is a moving average of

100 period let's select

white color

and click apply so this is

the trend moving average if the candles

are below this white

moving average we will take down trades


and we are not going to take an upward


if the candlesticks are above this white

moving average we will take

upward trade and we will not take

downward trade so

this is the confirmation moving average

i'm expecting a crossover

let's see we have a green arrow

and here

i think it's crossover let's take

download trade um

i think we just took

an early entry but it's okay

we will take we will take another trade

on the crossover

this is going to cross i am

pretty much sure

and here we go this is the crossover

so let's take a downward trade i'll


two trades i'm very hopeful that

we are going to win all these three


all together

so the candle is moving quickly downward

i'm very hopeful that we will

win this trade

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this is a very powerful strategy guys

apply this and see the results

so we have won all these three trades so

we took

four trades with you and we have won

all the four trades see you next time

with another powerful strategy or


till then goodbye



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