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Best binary options trading part 1


Hello friend. Hope you are well. Let's deposit money on IQ Option first and if I make a profit

at the end of the post, I will show you how to withdraw it. We make the deposit. As you can see,

I have 200 dollars in my account and I am adding 400

dollars from Skrill.

so it needs some time to load. So you can see I have 700 dollars. Let's pay now.

Okay. Today we have a very good method that does not need to

of any indicator. It consists of two main indicators. As for the question of

which time is better to trade, I reply such and Other questions during the trading process.

The main thing is to do correctly what is shown in the post and the results will be very cool.

I start with 600 dollars and today I will try to see a lot of good moments and describe each trade.

So we put, first of all, one-minute candles

because in my experience. it has a much more effective result. Then look for

moving average in popular indicators and set period to 102, type Emma, the color red, thickened the line.

And the second indicator is a very effective Awesome Oscillator.

Here it is. Slow period 2, fast period 200 and let's start now.

So come back to me for a good moment. I want to bet 300 because it's a wonderful moment.

If the price goes down, I will bet the remaining 300 because the situation is clearly upward

as the indicator tells us. The Emma has crossed the green candle when the situation is ascending.

The main thing is that awesome Oscillators thin candles are all on top. Look closely at the platform. and

I think the red candle went out and I bet another 300 because it's very hard for the red candle to go down.

Now even the outline appears on the screen to understand it more clearly.

But this is not the only moment of this method. Other moments are more effective. I will show you such a moment slowly.