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IQ option strategy-2 2021 .


want to show you this before actually

jump into the strategy because most of

you probably will know most of you I'm

sorry if I said that but most people

will will dive in to actually start

trading in

actually practicing and looking at the

news before so it's better if you

actually get to know that you need to

avoid those news as well so once we

actually are here in the chart this is

what the movement of the market is what

you need to do first is click over here

where it says chart type and change it

to candles okay there's a post that I

posted in regards to how to read

candlesticks in my youtube channel check

it out so that you understand this in

case you're very new so each candle

represents a certain time frame okay a

certain time frame how do you change

that time frame over here where it says

candle time period you click on it and

you select what is the time frame on the

candle I recommend you to change it to

two minutes but also once you click in

here you see that this usually is

checked automatically so what this is

change in Irvine automatically means

that if you zoom in or out the the time

frame of the candle changes take a look

it changed to five minutes if I assume

it out a little more it will change

again to one hour so it's actually

better if you choose at the time frame

but you unchecked this so that it

doesn't move that way if it's two

minutes and if you zoom in and zoom it

out it doesn't matter is never gonna

change the time frame okay super super

important so this strategy is based on

moving averages based on trends as

easier as it is and there's bunch of

posts in regards to this strategy but

this one is gonna be fully complete

training in regards to it that's why

it's a long post because I'm gonna give

you the settings and what to avoid and

what are the extra confirmation so that

you make money okay so the first thing

that you got to do is actually get the

indicators here and you're gonna look

for moving average and you're going to

select it and you're gonna select it for

the period of six and you're gonna add a

blue color this one right here so click

and this is SMA no WMA no EMA

ssma no it's SMA simple moving average

you can change the thickness but a grid

don't really find it necessary you click

on apply and then you add another one

another moving average same way there

you go