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Best binary options trading part 2 2021


As you can see, the method works in this particular situation.

and great job.

So I will bet 300 dollars here because it's almost the same moment as the previous moment.

One difference is that it is a downward trend, but there are strong sales as

indicated by the big red candle. Maybe I can capture another good moment and then

explain the essence of the strategy. A good moment was not too late and I will bet double 300.

because I like the layout of such indicator and candles this time we lost the previous one.

No matter what, we will win double here. So look at EMA crossing the green candle and then the

mountain was made. the candles made a strong buy. Then the situation stabilized and there was a

strong sell which led to a strong drop.  Therefore this process will not stop.

The indicators of EMA and awesome oscillator also give a download signal and so it happens.

This is a minimal candle analysis and strategy combined. So the method is really good and this is the fact.

great. We won 1,956 dollars. So I found another good moment and

it is a better moment than the previous three moments because it's better when

the AMA white line crosses the candle and there are awesome oscillator candles in the descending position as well.

So place on the second candle rather than the third and fourth one. Great.

Now I have reached the strongest moment when the white line of the EMA is at the crossing

point and at the same time the downward trend is shown by the thin candles of Awesome Oscillator.

Watch how Awesome Oscillator's last 3 candles grow and it will continue to grow.

Notice the green candle that crossed the Ema white line in this case,

don't bet at all because it conflicts with the Awesome Oscillator candles.

In this case, you would win on a green candle, but it often loses. believe me. It has been tested by me.

Oh great.

I want to put 500 or more here again. My favorite mountain was made

of green and red candles. Strong buying again was followed by strong selling when Awesome Oscillator

thin candles are in a downward position or below the middle line. In this case,

we don't bet even if the white line of the Emma even cross the green candle, we just remember this.

If the opposite is in an upward trend then we are not putting it down. In this case,

we put it above. this is the Golden rule of this method. You just remember it because it is of great importance.

great job. so watch out.

Even though the big red candle came out after the green candle, as the awesome Oscillator's

thin candles show an upward trend and the EMA white line has already crossed the green candle,

I still bet above. if you look at the front green candles. Unfortunately, the method didn't

work but it did not lose as well. as for the time interval what time is better to trade in this strategy,

There is no such time.This strategy is not based on specific times.

The key is to understand the meaning of the method I'm talking about. So take different moments from

the post please, and unite them in your mind and then you will have a pretty successful result.

What a good moment here. I will put it on the very first candle. Notice the green candle also crossed but to no avail.


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