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IQ option strategy-1 2021

 I'm gonna give you a full training and

full tutorial in regards to what I think

is the best IQ option strategy in the

world and in this 2020 this strategy has

been making hundreds and thousands of

dollars on a daily basis to many of my

followers over here on YouTube on

Instagram on Facebook and the Facebook

group and anywhere where they actually

learn this specific strategy that there

they have been making a lot of money and

you are going to be super thrilled in

regards to how easy the strategy is as

you can start making money today using

this specific strategy are you ready

if you're new into my channel and you're

into binary options forex trading crypto

trading or any type of making money

online this channel is for you make sure

you hit that subscribe button below and

activate the notification of béla icon

so that you get a notification for every

new post that I upload without being

said let's jump into the post

all right everyone I would just want to

start with this post saying that this

isn't financial advice okay so I

recommend you to do your own analysis

and always practice on demo first so

that then you can actually be ready to

start making some real money in addition

if you guys want to collaborate with

this YouTube channel there's gonna be a

link for IQ option below in the

description of this post so that you

can open your broker account and you can

get a ten thousand dollar demo account

so that you can practice as much as you

want with this broker and start using it

as well now this is what the broker

actually looks like we're looking at

euro USD and it's time to start right by

the way before I start follow me on

instagram my instagram account is

somewhere over there in the corners or

check in the link in the description I

try to show you updates in regards to my

daily trades on a daily basis over there

on my Instagram so you should definitely

check it out

okay so here we are and this is what the

broker looks like when you open your

your account for the first time so right

now the first thing that we need to do

is understand something okay the

movements of the markets also depend on

different scenarios okay different

what's a call these different events

around the world so one thing I do

recommend you to do okay before you do

anything is go to then go

to news and go to economic calendar

click and they're investing in calm

remember and then change it to your

local time and take a look at this

whenever you see three starts just like

right now it's high volatility and

you're not supposed to trade - it's kind

of good and one is good to go okay


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